Sunday, January 19, 2014

Turn on the Telly...

To the BBC! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!  (Name that movie reference.)

It's a double header tonight on PBS: episode 3 of Downton Abbey and the return of Sherlock. 

I am so happy.

If you have some time this afternoon, find the series here or on your streaming source of choice. Watch The Reichenbach Fall to set-up the return of Sherlock.

All I can say is it will amaze you.  The psychological intrigue, the twists, the unexpected depth of relationships-- it's all there.  I wouldn't call myself a mystery lover, but everyone loves a good story and this is one.  

Watson to Sherlock: "You... you told me once that you weren't a hero. Umm, there were times I didn't even think you were human. But let me tell you this, you were the best man, the most human... human being that I've ever known, and no-one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, so there. I was so alone, and I owe you so much...."

This is one of the last lines of the episode, and I won't give away why this quote is so powerful if you aren't familiar with the details of the stories.  But whoa.  That's what being human is, right?  To connect.

I rewatched this episode, which runs about an hour and half, this weekend.  I felt all the feelings, just like the first viewing last year.

If you need a story to get lost in, this is the one.

Oh, yes, and Downton's back.  It leads in Sherlock, which begins at 10.  I'm hoping for lots of jazz, doing the Charleston, and Rose behaving badly (just not too badly).  I'm hoping Tom mans up and checks Edna's advances, and that Edith doesn't forgo her virtue to a married man.  Put a ring on it, fella.  When he's speaking the Deutsch and his marriage is legally over.

Wishing you a wonderful day of rest and relaxation.

Recap tomorrow!

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