Thursday, February 20, 2014

If It's Not One Thing, It's a Fever

We (the kids and I) hit the road this week to Nana and Pop's and made a day trip in to Hilton Head.

During the hour and a half drive, the toddler did what toddlers do and began screaming. With authority. When the offering of Chick Fil A fries and drink did not appease The Toddler, I made the command decision to turn around and let the others go on without us. 5 minutes later, The Toddler passed out so we intrepidly continued our journey.


That's when things got LIVELY. About 20 minutes til our end destination, The Toddler resumed screaming, kicking, and thrashing in her carsest (or heckhole without the heck as we sometimes refer to it on such situations).

That's we our journey got really special. A fever was detected, 2 GPS-es were deployed and directives were vigorously pronounced.

Let's just say Mama (that's me) requested a stop and 'bout walked the rest of the way (which was only a half mile tops). 

Mercifully, a outdoor restaurant was spotted, fever relief secured, and everyone got lemonade.

The result of this adventure, which may have shaved 3 months off my life expectancy, was a pretty delightful afternoon we spent watching this merry band enjoy the freezing water and muddy sand.

Filing another memory away in #RealLife.

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Boompa said...

No Boompaws were injured during this life altering experience.