Monday, February 17, 2014

Sarah's 4th Birthday

Ready to party...

Pinterest this.

Low tech.

Got fancy and made scratch cupcakes.  Almost forgot sugar.  Dur.  Next year: Publix.

Super sweet preschool friends making mini-pizzas.

Cake time!

Crazed toddler in the aftermath.

So much fun!  I always get crazed when we have people over, but I tried my best this time to work on making people feel welcome and cared for instead of my "stellar" (wink, wink) homemaking skills.  I had a very nice time getting to know Sarah's buddies and their moms better.  Between Christmas, a January birthday, and Valentine's Day, Sarah keeps wondering "What's next?"  Well, I guess we'll have to pump up St. Patty's Day!

I'm gonna make this a pin to be meta-ironic.  Maybe it'll help a sister out.  

How to Throw a Dora Party in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Go to the Dollar Store and buy purple, green and yellow plastic and tableware.  Scope out a few treats for the revelers.  Remember, goodie bags are not the 11th commandment.  

2. Go to and print free Dora invitations to hand out to your child's friends.  Target also sells Dora invites for $5/8 pack, as well as Dora tableware if you want to be fancy.  Which I did.

3.  Order the cake.  Just trust me.  If you're feeling crafty, you can order Dora themed cupcake rings on Amazon for about $8.

4.  Plan the menu. I went to Aldi and bought mini-pizza fixings and fruit.  We all had fun and it served as a party activity.

5.  Freak out and send hubby back to the Dollar store for "4" candles, balloons, and party favors because you changed your mind a tad about simplicity.   Enjoy!

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