This Is Us.

This Is Us.
This Is Us. (Couldn't Resist.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's May. Also Known as Bounce House Season.

Lots of end of season revelry this week as we wrap up schooling and activities.  It's a three bounce house kinda week here, with Sarah's last day at Playschool and J's last t-ball game and an early trip to Monkey Joe's just because we can.  We are putting away our formal schoolbooks Friday and I can't believe we've really done a year of Kindergarten by ourselves.  I definitely want to shoot video of us reading together because that's our A for effort this year.

I've got some clips of the church musical that will probably only interest the grandparents, but I hope it edifies you as well.  Sarah's a blip on the first row, fifth from the right, a tiny thing with a big bow.  I had grand plans for video shot from the first row straight from the stand I brought, but I forgot that those details have to be communicated in spoken word to my husband rather than telepathy.  He gamely shot this with our phone when I could've just got the money shot from the stage as I hid in the wings to help run 4 year olds to the restroom.  She was so very cute.  She technically wasn't an official member of the class but I'm so glad I brought her into the fold this spring.

Our Music Minister wrote me a note of thanks and very wisely reminded me that teaching children to praise the Lord matters quite a lot.  I often joke that we mostly sit in a circle and learn jazzy motions, but really, that's exactly what these children have learned: that God is for them and he is awesome and holy.  I can still remember the words of a children's musical "It's Cool In the Furnace" from the age of 8 and even sang the song this week when I flipped in Sarah's bible storybook about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. So even if we jazz it up with sparkle fingers, God's word has a way of taking root.

VIPs in the Kingdom.  BeaUtiful.

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