Monday, December 8, 2014

Sounds of the Season

I am obsessed with the following songs this year:

First, "Yahweh, Jesus is Coming".  This is a worship song that I've heard performed both at Easter and Christmas and it prompts a visceral reaction.  It's not one of the single-streaming-tear songs. It's a my-insides-are-trembling-because-this-all-happened-and-I-am-part-of-it.  This gal had to work to keep my composure at the Christmas performance this year because I'm not sure if I would have stood on my chair and waved my arms like an air traffic controller or just laid myself out in the aisle.  All I can say is listen.  It has a tribal, chanting cadence. It's beautiful.

ITunes is selling all holiday albums for $7.99 so I picked this one after all the "Mary, Did You Know" rave reviews I saw.  Pentatonix is an acapella group and their sound is totally original. I am slightly obsessed with this song.  I'm not sure how snow and UFO make for great Christmas lyrics, but they do.

Lastly, I bought Josh Groban's Noel last year and every song is beautifully arranged.  This one, though, with the overlayed voices of soldiers sharing their Christmas wishes to family, wrecks me.  Each time when it gets to the mom missing her 4-year-old's face on Christmas morning, I. just. can't.
Highly recommend.

I also love Michael Buble's Christmas and anything by Amy Grant or Harry Connick Jr. for Christmas music.

And now, a shameless plug...the one, the only, the Sonshine Singers.

Happy Listening! (And please share your newest favorites!)


David and Kate said...

Well I think the Sonshine signers are my new favorite!

Jaybird said...

Me too, Kate! Cheers ;)