Monday, January 5, 2015

Burnin' Down The House: Downton Abbey, Season 5, Ep. 1 Recap

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A blog first: a request for content!  My friend asked if I would be blogging Downton this season, so I jolly well shall if my public (of one) asks.

If you enjoy a extra heaping of snark sauce, I usually read this recap  after each Downton.  My thoughts...

You know Downton has used up its good graces with outrageous plot twists when a fire seems "meh" to you.

Servant (Jimmy) and the aristocrat in flagrante delicto? Done.

Thomas being Thomas? Yup.  Part bully, part pimp, all parts obsequious. And always with enough derring do (pulling Edith out of her burning bedroom) to save his job.

Mary playing the Ice Queen?  Yadda yadda yadda.  And hey, Tony Gillingham.  I see what you're doing there.  Mary, maybe Lady Grantham never thought she needed to have this talk with you, but cows and milk, darling.  Your rendezvous with not remain secret.  Paging Mr. Pamuk. Remember?  Dead men tell no tales, but spinster sisters do.  Does anyone else hope Charles Blake returns?  Mary needs a bit of  a struggle to know her own mind.  Plus he is hott with two ts.

Poor Edith being poor Edith, as ever.  And not the first "fallen" woman on the show who must conspire to stay in her child's life. WHERE DID GRIEGSON GO?  Is he dead?  Give us some closure so we can make like Elsa and let. it.go. already.

Baxter is suspicious of Bates, as is Gillingham, as are we.  Have we cleared up why his limp seems to be gone?  Do you think he is essentially a good character?  Could he really have killed his wife after all? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tom is still in aristocratic limbo, not sure of his place in society, especially in terms of courtship.  I don't really feel swayed by his new possible love interest.  She's not as obnoxious or obvious as Edna from last season, but I'm not sure if I like her yet.

Rose is now the dutiful stand in for the youngest Crawley daughter, and I'd rather see her as the rebel.  Who knows what kind of sheneginas she'll get into this season.

Isobel has two potential suitors this season, which is okay by Violet as long as she stays in the middle class where she belongs.  I really enjoy the Violet character and how everything she does is for the good of the family.  I can't really believe she'd prevent a romance for Violet even if it would upset their unbalanced social dynamic.

I miss this Mrs. Hughes/Mr. Carson tenderness and hope that is continued in later episodes. They are my favorite couple in the house.  I doubt in that time anything would ever happen romantically as it would disrupt their posititions of authority, but I think it is the most genuine friendship of affection and respect.

Love that goes the distance is Hughes & Carson, as fun as it is to see Mary & Gillingham flirt with mischief.

True love waits, people.  At least for this retreat-going, cheesy-books-with-cheesier-chapter-titles-reading (Boaz, not Bozo) and married-to-my-own-hybrid-of-cute-and-steady-man kind of woman.

That's my humble recap.  It may be a well worn road, but I love to travel it.  Hurrah for the retun of Downton Abbey!

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