Sunday, January 25, 2015

Downtown Abbey: Season 5, Episode I'm Finally Interested Again

 I was worried.  I watched episodes 2 and 3 the day after it aired.  Something was bad wrong.  I was at the point where I began to think Mary really was a bit of a ...  very cold and spoiled woman.  I stopped wanting to follow around the head cheerleader of the show.   She and Tony decide to "get to know each other better" in episode 3 and then, they, you know, get to know each other and when she gets home she can't be bothered to make a decision. Enter Charles Blake. OBVI.  Hottie-boom-body got a new haircut and cleverly informs Mary that Tony's kinda cute but shallow.  He is so throwing off the "I don't care, woman" vibe and she takes the bait. In tonight's episode, she meets up with Charles for dinner where he again metaphorically toss his bangs and feigns disinterest.  Mary goes to deliver the "It's not you, it's me," speech and Tony's not having it.  She is a LADY and they are just going to work through this.  Good on ya, fella.  A smart man would run, but Mary's suitors are nothing if not persistent.  Soapy fun. If you need a reason to waste more time on the internet, google "Charles Blake Downton Abbey tumblr."  Good fun with gifs.

Onto my favorite part of the night: Isobel. Isobel and her beau, Richard Gray are so adorable.  I must have shouted that ten times to no one in particular as her suitor impressed upon her that no, he did not need looking after in his later years.  No, he was not bored.  He just plain loved her. Romantically.  It hit that sweet, poignant note that has been missing this season; the note that keeps the show anchored in more than melodrama.  And let's not forget Lady Violet almost running away with a Russian prince when God was a boy.  I mean.  These ladies are feisty.

Edith inches closer to learning whether or not Michael was killed by a gang of thugs (the Nazis) and Cora gets some unexpected attention from an art historian.  Robert preens like a wounded peacock and becomes enraged at dinner when Tom's teacher friend, Ms. Bunting, challenges him about wanting to keep the staff in serfdom from cradle to grave.  Looks like Tom will be making a choice this season about the direction his life will take.  My bet is on America and a new start, but I can't imagine the actor would want to be written out of the show.  We'll see.

Bates and Anna still tiptoe around the matter of Mr. Greene's death.  It's apparent that Anna is afraid to ask Mr. Bates directly if he had anything to do with it.  You can't unring a bell and you can't go back from asking your husband if he murdered a man to avenge your honor.  I really want Anna and Bates to just be happy, the end. They deserve it.

Lots of downstairs plot to keep track off: Ms. Baxter, Cora's maid, is so kind to Mr. Barrow, who has been nothing but nasty to her.  It seems she recognizes a hurting person and doesn't want to kick him when he's down.  He's had some mysterious medical procedure, which from the magazine article she peeked at, might suggest some type of reparative therapy.  Daisy is gaining confidence in herself through her studies and suggests writing a letter of protest on Mrs. Patamore's behalf requesting that her nephew Archie be included in the war memorial despite his deserting the army.

All in all, a much better night of Downton and I'm happy to say I plan to watch each episode the night it airs until the finale on March 1.  Cheers, Downton.

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