Friday, February 27, 2015

Downton Abbey, Episodes Pure Confection and Enough with the Fated Bates, Already

Mary, Edith, and Tom: Take note.

Hey college friends who like my Downton posts!  Y'all are too sweet. I've been off my DA game.  Two weeks ago Alex was travelling and I was in a mood.  Case in point: I decided I deserved a Birchbox subscription as a belated Valentine after two weeks of barf.  This past Sunday was the Oscars.  I made it to 11:00 before I clicked it off, deciding sleep would be a wise choice.  With all this winter rain and gloom, I'm in bed by 8:30 and dozing off with the lights blaring at 9:00 p.m. if I'm not careful.  So, no Downton Sundays.

I did, of course, watch both episodes and have some thoughts.  This won't be a play-by-play recap as the next one comes on Sunday, so the bloom is off the bud of the snarky rose.  Let's jump in:

Mary, Mary, quite Contrary:  I think Mary needs a bit of a time-out.  As much as I'd like her to end up with a nice man (like Charles "The Fox" Blake), she has been a very unsympathetic character of late.  She's always been a bit of a mean girl, but the writers are quick to bring us back in, usually with a tender moment between her and Carson. Last week was no exception.  She sees Lane Fox and Tony together and happy, and while glad to be off the hook, she seems at a loss.  Mary: The Heiress Who Cried Wolf.  If she was a modern day character, it'd be best if she told any prospective suitors that she really needs to focus on her child/her career/herself/it's not you, it's me.  I think Tom has the right idea with moving to America.  All the young adults of Downton would be well served to leave their mama's house and forge a new path.

Which brings me to Edith.  Oh, I was so disappointed that she decided to move back home and pretend she was only Maribel's caretaker and godmother.  Live in the light, Edith.  It was a bold move to assert herself and get her child back.  She needs to go the whole way and just "live her truth" to pull an Oprah-ism.  Get a little home, run your publishing company, get a good nanny and raise your child.  Be happy.  The end.

I was so glad to see Rose and Atticus marry and the  family back the couple.  So sad that her mother tried to ruin the couple's happiness in her misguided attempts to protect Rose.

Lastly, the Bates.  Oh, the Bates.  Whatever will happen to the Bates?  Especially when the death penalty is concerned. (Name that movie.)  It was a great dramatic twist to have Anna suspected of Greene's murder, but the tragic-lovers bit is wearing thin with me.  It stretches plausibility that Bates would be suspected, only to have never carried out his original intent and then have Greene's victim suspected of the murder.  I won't hazard a guess as to how this will unravel, but I know there's no way Anna's character's going anywhere.

I liked seeing Daisy, Ms. Baxter, and Mr. Molesly form a group friendship as well as Thomas stepping in and helping the new servant not get swindled by Ms. Dinker (what a name).

I believe this Sunday will be the season finale and you can bet your pearls I'll be watching--and blogging--promptly.  Cheers!

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