Sunday, March 1, 2015

Downton Abbey: Finale Live Stream-of-Consciousness Tweet/Blog/Passing Thoughts

Here we go!

* Thomas:  Meow.  To Mr. Bates, offering to cut off his right arm if it would help Anna: "We can't have you wobbly at both ends."

*  I have to say I'm impressed at how Robert has mellowed.  He's at peace with Edith's decision to bring her child home and allowing her to do it on her own terms.

* Love Cora's hat on the train.

* Uh-oh. Robert has unexpected pain.  This doesn't bode well. Especially since his dog was sick too.  Downton Abbey country song, perhaps?

* The silk wallpaper is fab at Atticus' family home.

* Ooh.  This valet is giving Thomas a dressing down.  He's actually sticking up for Tom.

*  Violet's reuniting the Prince and Princess.  Awkward.

* Gauntlet thrown on the restorative broths.  Simmer down, Spratt.

* Atticus' mom, Lady Sinderby, is a class act befriending Tom.

*  Anna's confession.  Ugh.  Childhood victimization.  I'm surprised Anna doesn't wear an actual halo over her softly lit, tragic countenance.  She's a fighter.

* Mrs. Hughes and Carson's date/investment property outing :)

* First Violetism of the Night:  "The presence of strangers is our only guarantee of good behavior."

* Upstairs-Downstairs intrigue to take the butler down a peg!  Don't mess the Crawleys.  #teamchauffer

*  Well, the Princess is a peach.

*  Dowagers!  Russian Princesses!  Let's get ready to ruuuuuuumble!

*  Mrs. Patamore is a doll and I love how she puts Carson in his place like a little boy when she has the remaining staff, even the kitchen maid, Daisy, sit at the same table.

* The scheme to embarrass the butler goes awry and embarrasses everyone.

* "So tomorrow we say goodbye..."  Wouldn't it be awesome if Violet and the Prince broke out into "Summer Lovin'" in some alternative universe?

* "This was my last immoral proposition from a man.  Was I wrong to savor it?"  Mild laughter with misty eyes.  Master class delivery.

*  Robert has chest pain.  NO MORE DEATH SCENES!

* Edith should wear her hair down more.  It's pretty with curls.

* Edith wanting a FATHER's FORGIVENESS.  That's a powerful thing.  Downton is deep.

* Kitchen intrigue!  Sneaking in a broth!  So many plots to keep track of!

* Classic Mary romance set-up... Aggravated at the neighbor set to come over for the shoot, upsetting the party count.  From the previews, he's our new Charles Blake.  Hottie-Boom-Body Part Deux. (Oh, y'all. And he has piercing blue eyes. And Edith's talking to the estate's agent!  It's rainin' men. Halleluyer.)

*  Have I mentioned I love Mrs. Hughes?  Caring for her sister and not able to retire? "I've enjoyed our little dream."  Please, Carson.  Snatch her up.

* Oh my word.  Does Lord Sinderby have a second, secret family?  Downton bringin' the hushed scandal.  (Yes.  The little boy is named Daniel after Lord Sinderby.  Lovely Rose saves the day.) Stop it with the children not knowing who their parents are.  For real.  Live in the light.

* Edith in coral!  Gorgeous!  Get 'em girl!

* Bates makes a false confession.  Molesly going to save the day.  Reminds me of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  This is his moment.

*  Mr. Talbert, you've piqued Mary's interest. And then he jumps in the car, James Dean style.  Charles Who?  (We'll always have your hair, Charles.)

* Little poppets decorating the Christmas tree.  Wish we could watch DA when it airs in England.

* Baxter and Molesly: Crime Solvers!  Like an English "Hart & Hart" episode.

*  They having a moment for Sybil.  Sweet to see Mary and Edith putting aside rancor for a millisecond.

* Ooh, Daisy giggling at the new footman.  Cheeky.

* Violet and Isobel  girl-talking about their loves-gone-wrong.  (Robert's sloshed).

* That Tom.  *He's* a jolly good fellow.

* It's the Sweeney (Crawley)  Sisters!  Clang-clang-clang went the trolley!

* GALLANT gesture alert.  Carson bought Mrs. Hughes a house. NO WAY!  HE IS DECLARING HIMSELF!!!!!!!!  She's smiling!  I can't handle it!  "Of course I'll marry you!!!!!!!!"
Hurrah for taking chances!


* Robert's gonna cry.  God bless us, everyone.

* No. Bates walks through the door at "O Come Let Us Adore Him."  Christmas miracle: Check!

*Reunited and it feels so good!  Anna + Bates = Happy Christmas

To continue with the faux British-isms, I'm knackered.   Pure wish fulfillment.  Jolly good fun and see you in 2016, DA friends!

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