Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's That Time Again...

A few Saturdays ago, J and I were tromping through the walking trail at our local park. J was having a blast throwing rocks and pine cones in the lake.  My mind was wandering to everything and nothing until it landed on Fall.  And how pretty our park is.  And how pretty Fall is.  And how cute the kids' new Fall clothes that they'd been gifted are.  And how those new clothes matched my wine-colored dress.  And lo, when we returned to the car to go home, I had a message from a friend who had sent me a picture of her toddler daughter's dress, inquiring what her husband should wear-- wait for it-- in their family picture this year.  You know I zipped right on back with my thoughts (Daddies wear neutrals, duh, as Mama and baby girl quite rightly are the jewels of the family) and before you can say infinity scarf with leggings and boots, the lot was cast.

Fall Family Pictures.

I've brought myself (and husband) to a place of acceptance that this is just something we do.  I do own a camera and tripod and could get a snapshot of us.  We do have a lot of pictures of ourselves.  But as the Mother of the Bride, Nina, told her husband George in the movie Father of the Bride, we don't drive expensive cars. I don't wear expensive jewelry, so we can afford a nice wedding-- or family picture-- as the case may be.

So you know I've picked up a few things to accessorize with.  I mean we didn't have to buy new clothes!  The kids always need new shoes!  And scarves keep you warm.  That's just good sense.  And the boots were clearance, so I got two pairs for the price of one. And you know that if you do for one child, you have to do for the other.  Simple Mom Math.

Isn't being a woman just the best?

Yes.  I believe it is.

In other news, I'm one of the chaperones for our youth group's fall retreat.  I'm looking forward to getting to know my group of girls better, and who doesn't love a fire pit?  You know there's going to be some heartfelt sharing and crying.

I'm not trying to be cynical.  I've cried and overshared around many a youth group circle time, and heck, I overshare on this blog on a semi-regular basis when I take the time to write it down.

It'll be big fun with ziplines and all manner of jumping off inflatable things that I plan to safely observe at a distance.  They've got a band and a speaker and air-conditioning and these kids have no idea how nice they've got it.  Better bring my BenGay.  Ol' Myrtle here has gotta be spry to keep up with the young folk.

Happy almost Fall break, y'all. :)

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