Sunday, February 21, 2016

Downton Abbey: Stone Cold

So I've missed the last 3 or so episodes of the show and since there's only one left, I decided to finish strong and tune in.

It was Crazytown.  My reaction to tonight's episode in list form:

6 Reasons I Had To Admit To Myself That Downton Is A Soap And I'm Not Truly A Patron Of The Arts

1. Suddenly Tom Branson is a yenta, inviting Henry (Hot Car Guy) to throw him in Mary's path.
Why is Tom so boring?  Do we really believe he missed Downton after trying America?

2. Mary is stone cold.   Ruining Edith's relationship with Bernie by trotting out Edith's secret over morning coffee? Right as they are announcing their engagement?  LOW BLOW.

3.  Mary admitting that she can't be a "car crash widow" again to Violet in an anguished tete a tete in her bedroom.  I almost thought she'd throw herself on the bed and call out to her dead beloved...

4. But wait!  She visits his grave! And presses a kiss to it.  And wants his forgiveness. (And can I say that I kinda wonder if I'd be the kind of dead spouse who would be like, "Sure, honey!  It's fine! Move on!" ? But I'm no Mathew.)

5. Mary calls Henry back, confesses her love, and they are married 5 minutes later.  Edith attends the wedding, is the complete bigger person, and seems okay with being the beloved maiden aunt to the three Downton children. If Edith doesn't get her happy ending, and Mary gets to act a fool and commit her own series of indiscretions and ride off into the sunset with Hot Car Guy, it has all been for naught.

6. And Thomas attempts to take his own life?  Tucking that storyline in between Mr. Moseley turned Mr. Holland (which was actually a very sweet moment) and Mrs. Patamore fretting that her B&B will be know as a house of ill repute is a lot of ground to cover in 75 mintues.

I imagine I'll have to catch up on the episodes I missed in the next two weeks, and don my Nanny's old mink stole in honor of the last Downton episode March 6.  Here's to Downton in all its silliness! TTFN :)

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