Sunday, March 6, 2016

Downton Down Low: Hour One

I said NO DYING, Mr. Carson.

I think Dinker and Spratt should be under cover lovers. Though on second thought, maybe not. 

Hey now, Mr. Moseley! A new job offer and living situation! Lock Miss Baxter down.

Daisy. Clueless as always.

Hark! Is Mary planning to help Edith? She has an idea.

Prediction: Carson has hand tremors and Barrow will  realize his dream of becoming a full butler.

Oh, dang. Er'body gonna get married. Go on, Mrs. Crawley.

Daisy thrownin' shade at kind Andrew.

Oh! Set up! Edith's gonna get her man!!!!!!

And she's mad. Ooh, make him stew. Well played.

He's about to cry. Cmon, Edith.

Aww. He got me too.

"Edith's going to be happy. Hoorah." Yay!

Nice send off for Barrow.

One more grand house party for Downton gang as they meet Edith's future mother in law. 

Sad face. Mr. Carson seems to have Parkinson's.

Awkward mother-in-law exchange alert.  Classic piece of work trope.

 Wait. Nope. Lord Merton's daughter-in-law deserves that title. 

C'mon Papa Carson. Give Barrow a hug. 

Dang, Edith. You're a risk taker.

Nothing like a good looking lad swinging a hammer. Live a bit, Daisy. The writers are tying up each loose end in a pretty bow.

3 snaps, Bertie. Way to be a man.

New buddy cop team: Violet and Isobel! Down with uppity daughters-in-law!

Barrow snuffing out 3 sad candles at an empty table. Metaphor.  He must find his way back to the Crawley family.

Yay Bertie's mom. All's well that ends well. 

Here goes The Dynamic Duo!!! Springing Bertie out of the clink!

Hug it out, girls. Sisters gotta hug. 

A glittering gala of a wedding. You're a delight. And Rose's back! 

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