Sunday, March 6, 2016

Downton Down Low: Hour Two

Tom and Henry (aka Hot Husband) are opening a car shop and it's so middle class. But Mary's so happy to be in the family way she gamely pronounces her pride in him.

Rose dropping some wisdom on Robert about marriage.

Daisy's gonna attempt a blow out to get Andrew's eye back on her.

Dinker needs a new hobby. She's hilarious.

Aughh! No! Daisy cutting her hair! By herself! Aww y'all. Poor Daisy.

Anna playin' beauty shop. Match number 3 is about to go down. Andy plus Daisy. "Let's not be out of step anymore." Sweet and understated.

And Tom! Flirting!

And Lord Merton's not at death's door. Happy Days!

Edith finally gets her moment in the sun. :) :) :)

Here comes Barrow to the rescue... Carson doesn't have to leave and we're all better people. Let's hold hands and pause for quiet reflection.

Baby's a comin! Baby's a comin! And Mary knows how to take off a shoe! Who knew!

Oh my. Even Mrs. Patamore's getting some action!!! The wish fulfillment is coming fast and furious as we have a  few remaining minutes.

And guess who catches Edith's bouquet?  Her editor! Tom finally gets to be interesting again!

Beautiful Anna has a son.

Cora and Violet have made up! It's a New Year. Edith's off on honeymoon! God Bless Us, Everyone.

And snow falling. Perfect note.

Cheers and Ta, Downton. Thanks a lot.

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