Friday, July 1, 2016

Mama Needs A Nerve Pill: A Summer Update

This has been the month of June in a nutshell:

Road trip!
Soccer camp!
VBS prep and teaching week!
Swim lessons!
Evening VBS!
Few naps!
Lots of snacks!

Or, from this desperate-for-sympathy text I composed to a friend:

Pretty sure my husband has bribed my youngest child with the promise of perhaps living with Ariel somewhere under the sea to secure her position as baby of the family as she has decided to make life unbearable! If I needed a death nail in any fantasy of more children--- mission accomplished! 1 hour tantrum pre and post swimming lesson.... Pushed through and did great! She laughed! Then her sandal fell off and yelled 30 minutes because I dared to retrieve it! Rude! She wanted to find it!

So, I have overscheduled fun here! Said child will be locked in if necessary for nap! #rantover #angelchild #soblessed  #exclaimationmarks

So.  Your basic no-problems-problems.

We've honestly had a blast, even if I've been up and out before 9 a.m. most mornings. (I know. Sad trombone.)  My only requirement for this Saturday is no-changing-out-of-my-pajamas before 10 a.m.  I need one morning of the week that doesn't start off as a hostile negotiation to empty one's bladder and not wear a too-small princess dress everywhere we go.  I've given up on brushing hair and wearing shoes with any regularity for this child.  Though I may have seriously considered bagging up every piece of clothing and doling out the basic necessities each morning.  Not ruling anything out.

Here are some highlights from our month o'fun.  And the kids and neighbors are happily glued to Minions as I write this, so I can make it without a run to CVS for the pills.

J Man Turns 8

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Carousel at Cedar Point  

Mama don't do the Scrambler.

Waterpark at Columbus Zoo

Mercer Soccer Day Camp

At the height of our excitement for VBS:Submerged

Sarah is becoming so skilled and fearless!

Such a brave kid!

Nerve pill pusher.  (Whom I sincerely adore.)

The fella I try to amuse with my end-of-day recaps.

When this face asks for a flamingo costume for the VBS animal contest,
you look pull out the glue gun and make it  happen.

I'm sure she'll make the gifted program.  (She's a turtle.)

Bonus: Halloween is handled.

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